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Our Jingles
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Jingles are important to a radio station. They provide an 'image' to the sound of the station and are useful in altering the pace of the programming. Here are just a few of our jingles we've used through the life of Millside.
Have a listen Smile

This is the earliest one from 1989.

Radio Millside

©  Manchester Mix.

This one is from a package we had made in 1992.

Just for You

© Jonathan Slatter.

A local musician put together a package for us in 1994.


© Colin Harwood.

We had a new contemporary jingle package made for us in 1997.



© Production Park.

Here are some cuts from our current American jingle package  The jingles have a slightly 'retro' feel and are full of fun and energy!

Mansfield and Ashfield

Feeling Good a'capella

You're at the Heart

Fun Breakfast Show

© Ben Freedman Productions, Dallas, Texas.


On Air Now ...

Steve Jowle


Steve plays your requests and dedications.