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There are many ways to listen to Millside Radio. 

We make huge efforts to make Millside Radio sound great and to be available to as many listeners as possible. The audio quality  is superb, beating many other broadcasters!

Besides delivering our programmes to the hospital bedside via Hospedia, we are available over a number of platforms:





We broadcast a number of streams through the tunein platform. These can be accessed through any device with internet access just go to and search for 'Millside Radio'

Tunein also have an app which can be installed for all major brands of smartphone and tablet



Using your desktop, laptop or tablet pc, just click or tap one of these buttons:

Mobile Click
Best (aac+)  



 Want to listen on a smartphone or other mobile device? We  recommend the free version of Tunein Radio. It is available for most devices and you can get details here. Download the app, search for 'Millside', add to your favourites and enjoy!


Internet Radio 


If you have an internet radio such as Pure, Roberts or Logitech brand, you can tune into Millside very easily.

Just search for 'Millside' and you'll find it right away. Simply add it to your favourites and enjoy crystal-clear stereo sound from your number one station.

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Smart TV


Millside Radio is even available on the latest SMART TVs such as Samsung, LG and Panasonic brand.

If you have one, go the the apps store and download vTuner. It's a free application and will let you tune in to stations around the world. Again, do a search for 'Millside' and add to your favourites.






On Air Now ...

Steve Jowle


Steve plays your requests and dedications.